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Doula-ing: "The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally during labor, childbirth, and after."

Who we are

Susan The Birth Doula specializes in birth and postpartum advocacy, education, and support for expecting mothers. We provide doula services for home births, water births, and hospital births in the Augusta, Ga & Surrounding areas. 


We offer services and packages to fit any mother's needs.

Birth Support Packages

Our birth support packages allow mothers to choose the level of doula support they desire at a flat fee.

Postpartum Support Package

Our 12 - Week Postpartum Package allows mothers to get hands on help during the postpartum journey. 


We offer in-home workshops for new dads, VBAC mothers and  mothers who need just the basics to  ensure you are educated and prepared for your journey.

Postpartum Doula Support

The postpartum period is crucial because of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and labor, that's why we offer Postpartum Doula services.

This service is to provide support for moms and their babies in the weeks following childbirth. We help with physical and emotional recovery, answer questions about infant care and lactation, provide recommendations, and sometimes even take on meal prep and light household tasks.

Every Woman Deserves A Doula Program

We believe that every woman deserves to have a Doula. We've created a program for woman who may have the greatest need, but don't have access to adequate support during their pregnancy and labor.


"She's been absolutely amazing with my family since day 1!!! I wanted a natural birth sooo bad and she helped and pushed me to do just that. I had a 9 hour labor & not to mention all natural birth, with no meds.. no epidural.. no nothing!!! She has really became apart of our family, we love her so much. Highly Highly HIGHLYYYYYYY recommended ❤️ - Mekhiyah P 

"I used Susan for my second pregnancy and birth and she was so easy to trust and become close to! She was so good and helpful with my son during the process, helped relieve any aches and pains I had during pregnancy and labor, and was just an amazing addition to the whole childbearing/birthing process. I would recommend her to any expecting mom I know. Her presence at our birth was invaluable" - Lilli B.

"Ms. Susan is a very great/ amazing person!! She helped me sooooo much throughout my pregnancy, labor, and delivery! With her being my doula I was able to succeed at birthing my precious baby boy naturally. Even though she's way in another city which is like 4-6 hours away she was soooo amazing and I couldn't ask for a better doula If you women don't have a doula and your pregnant I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS GET ONE YOU WANT REGRET IT AND ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! My son Baby K is a very special and happy baby
#doulababy💙💙" - T. Henley

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