Birth Pool Rental

Birthing your way

Water birth has been proven to have many benefits, including contributing to shorter birthing times, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain sensations, and promoting relaxation. Susan The Birth Doula Services is currently renting Birth Pool in a Box Birth Pool Mini, packaged with required accessories. 

Birth Pool Rental Only

Includes delivery and pickup of the birth pool to your home with instructions on how to set up the pool.



Non-clients: $250

Birth Pool Rental + Setup

Includes delivery and pickup of the birth pool, birth pool rental for birth and set up for birth, set up includes candles, pictures, lights, and pool setup.



Non-Clients: $350

Birth Pool Rental Includes:

  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional Mini

  • Disposable Liner

  • Water Pump

  • Air Pump

You must provide the following:

  • A Hose (25 ft., drinking water safe)

  • Faucet Adapter


  • It is extremely comfortable and welcoming and has handles in all the right places

  • It has a built-in seat for bonding with baby after birth is a snap to clean up with its included disposable liner

  • Can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers

For all rental inquiries please contact 

Susan The Birth Doula directly at: or 904-386-7184