Doula Mentorship Program

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Doula Mentorship    Program 

Susan The Birth Doula presents The Doula Mentorship Program!

Whether you've already started a doula business or planning to start one, The Doula Mentoring Program is for YOU! It's a great way to jump-start your journey in the birthing community or take your doula business to the next level.

The Doula Mentoring Program offers two options for the type of doula mentorship that works best for you: Doula Shadowing & Doula Business Coaching. 

Doula Shadowing Program: $1100 

Doula Shadowing is a 3-month program designed to give new and inexperienced doulas the opportunity to experience firsthand how to interact with clients from the initial consultation all the way to labor and through postpartum.  

Why choose Doula Shadowing? 

  •  Learn how to sell yourself and your services to get clients signed
  •  Learn how to conduct prenatal visits to create a positive client/doula relationship
  •  Learn how to work with a client, their partner, and their birth team during labor
  • Learn how to play the role of a backup doula
  •  Learn how to close out the doula/client relationship at the postpartum visit and offering postpartum services

Here's what you can expect! During the Doula Shadowing Program, you will participate in:

  • ( 1 ) Prenatal Visit Shadowing: Shadowing how to conduct a prenatal visit
  • (1 ) Consultation Shadowing: Shadowing me during a consultation call.
  • ( 1 ) Birth Shadowing: Shadowing of one birth with me as a backup doula
  • ( 1 ) Postpartum Visit Shadowing: Shadowing of one postpartum visit.
  • (1 ) Optional STBD as a backup: Offering myself as a backup to one birth booked by doula.

At the end of the Doula Shadowing Program, you will have all the tools and first-hand experience you need to design your own client/doula relationship from beginning to end!

Doula Business Coaching: $80 - $250

Doula Business Coaching assists you through the beginning stages of your doula business! Ask questions about your business, get advice on how to handle clients, brainstorm new ideas for your business, and more.  

Why choose Doula Business Coaching? 

  • 1-on-1 guidance for your specific business situation
  • Avoid unnecessary business mistakes
  •  Support through difficult times
  • Succeed faster!

Choose the best doula coaching that fits your doula business!

  • 60-minute coaching session - $80/session (as needed)
  • Bi-monthly 60-minute coaching sessions + unlimited email/text - $150/month
  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions + unlimited email/text - $250/month

With each Doula Business Coaching session, you will gain invaluable support and guidance that will help you to grow your doula business to new heights!