The Fourth Trimester

Additional support for mom

Protecting the lives of women in childbirth and in their postpartum months should be a common priority. - Abigail Spanberge

The immediate postpartum period is filled with joy and wonder for new parents. It's also a time when lack of sleep, physical discomfort and hormonal imbalance can undermine the joyfulness, leading to overwhelming stress and anxiety.

If you're wondering how you'll manage to care for your newborn while recovering from birth, you're not alone—all new parents struggle during this time of physical and emotional exhaustion.

I will help you navigate the first 12 weeks after birth. I'm available to help with answering your questions, easing your fears, and providing you with helpful suggestions, and recommendations so you can feel seen, valued and heard during your postpartum healing journey.

The Fourth Trimester Package

*  Exclusive Support for Moms


24/7 Unlimited access via email, text, and phone up to 12 weeks pregnant.

( 4 ) 1 weekly daytime postpartum visit during the first four weeks. ( 2 - Hours )

1 Bi weekly visit for the remaining 8 weeks of postpartum.

 ( 2 - Hours )

In-Home Breastfeeding Session w| Certified Breast and Lactation Specialists.

( 1 ) Postpartum Support Kit

1 Week Postpartum Meal Prep 

(Must Purchase Food Items)

Baby care including bathing, swaddling and diapering

Light housework such as dishes and laundry

Organizing baby's nursery

Assistance with older siblings

Caring for your baby while you nap or shower

Safe sleep tips and troubleshooting sleep issues

Emotional support and processing your unique birth story

Referrals to additional support services 

Need Night-Time Doula Support?