Mommy & Doula

What to expect

"It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift." -Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Our Process

Your birth journey begins here! And we'll do it all together.

Before your consultation - Start here!

1)  Select a healthcare provider & find out your due date.

2) Take a look at our Birth Support Packages and other services! Have in mind the level of support you desire and what your budget will permit.

 Step 1: Consultation & Onboarding

Each mother begins with a FREE 30-minute in-person or video consultation! During our consultation, we discuss your birth vision, plans, and how you see a doula involved in your birth. The consultation is a very important first step in the doula-mother relationship so that we can understand your needs, what support you desire, and how we can fill that role.

At the end of the consultation, we will go over the doula agreement and signing process together, and if you are ready to move forward you can secure your due date at that time. From there we will schedule your first prenatal visit!

Step 2: Prenatal Visits (In-Person or Virtual)

In-person prenatal visits take place in the comfort of your home, while virtual visits can be conducted through video. The goal of our visits is always to deepen our connection, establish trust, and have fun!

During the prenatal visits, we walk you through many topics, such as: Birth Education, Birth Preferences, Prenatal Nutrition, Breathing Techniques, Labor Positions, Birth Plans, Birth Vision Board, Birth Setting Set-Up, Hospital Procedures, Medical Interventions, Pain Management, Breastfeeding Education, etc.

We also discuss your overall well-being, how you feel about your pregnancy and upcoming birth, and what you want to gain from the experience.

Step 3: Support Throughout Your Pregnancy

You will receive continuous support throughout your pregnancy and through the postpartum period. You will have 24/7 support via talk, text, and email for any questions, comments, or concerns throughout your pregnancy. We will deepen our connection and focus on creating a safe space for your birthing experience. Creating a safe space is making sure your voice is heard and respected by your healthcare providers about the choices you made for your birth.

We will also go through numerous techniques to ensure you have a safe, stress-free birthing process. We will support you during the birth process and after. We also provide support to your birth partner as well!

Step 4: On-Call

Two weeks prior to your due date and until the delivery of your baby we are on-call. During this time, we are committed to being ready and available for when you go into labor. As well, we will continuously work with you on natural ways to get your mind, body, and baby ready for birth.

Step 5: Support at Onset of Labor

Once you have informed us that you've gone into early labor we will come to your home and labor at home. We will go through breathing techniques, pain management techniques, labor positions, massages, and more to get you ready for the next phases of labor.

Once you are in active labor (3cm +) we will head to your birthing place (home, hospital, birth center) and stage your birthing space in preparation for your next phase of labor.

Step 6: Labor & Delivery

Support during your labor and delivery is continuous until your baby arrives. We talk you through and provide physical support during this time. We also help you to advocate for yourself to your medical providers in the event that something is outside of your birth plan.

Step 7: Postpartum Visits

Congratulations, you are a new mom! It's the end of your birthing journey, but not the end of our relationship! Postpartum visits are very casual, and take place in your home. The postpartum visit is to close out your birth support and open doors for any other services you may need postpartum. We will talk about your birth experience and answer any questions you may have. We use these visits to plan and structure the next few weeks of postpartum and what that will look like for you as new parents. We also give you any files we have of your birthing journey.

Are you ready to begin your birthing journey?

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