Requirements & FAQ

Mentoring is where the work gets done

Requirements & FAQ

In order to provide each participant with the highest level of support and attention, the programs are only available for a limited number of applicants each month. To be considered for participation in each program the following is required: 

  • Complete & submit an application (below),
  • Prior completion of a doula training program through an organization that will certify you, 
  • Have a flexible and teachable attitude, as well as, a willingness to learn, AND 

  • Must demonstrate accountability, reliability, confidentiality, and respect.

1. Who is the Doula Shadowing Program For?

Doula Shadowing Program is designed to give new and inexperienced trained doulas, the opportunity to experience firsthand how to interact with clients from the initial consultation all the way to labor and through postpartum.

2. Who is the Doula Business Coaching For?

Doula Business Coaching program is for new and inexperienced trained doulas who need assistance through the beginning stages of their doula business! Ask questions about your business, get advice on how to handle clients, brainstorm new ideas for your business, and more.   

3. What types of things do new and inexperienced doulas use this service for?

Some doulas need some guidance over setting up their doula business or walking through the necessary things needed or helping them understand the doula-client relationship to make their business more seamless. 

4. Will a mentor do the work for me?

Nope. You've got to do the work, but I'm here to hold your hand and, well, doula you through the process. 

5. How does payment work? 

The fees for both programs are due within 24 hours of being acceptance into the program.

6. Do I have to travel?

Yes! I take clients in different parts of GA within a 1.5-hour distance so traveling will be required.

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